Energy supplier price drops

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All of the major energy suppliers have now dropped their gas prices by around 5%. This means the average consumer on Standard energy tariffs, will be paying around £1040 per year on their gas and electricity.

Do i have to do anything to get this price reduction?

No, these new prices will come into effect automatically and, will be applied to everyone paying Standard Energy prices!

So, these reductions apply to Standard Energy consumers. Will I still get this reduction if I’m not on Standard Energy?

If you are not paying Standard Energy prices, you won’t be entitled to these reductions!

Right, so I’m better off with my Standard Energy prices then?

No! The energy suppliers ass-u-me, that the majority of consumers won’t bother switching to a cheaper online energy deal to get away from the high priced Standard Energy Tariffs. After all, who wants to be paying around £750 a year instead of the reduced Standard energy at around £1040 a year!


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