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isupply were a new entrant into the domestic energy supply market in 2012.  reviews are now starting to come in.  When they first started out, they were only supplying electricity.

isupply, now supply both gas and electricity to give you a dual fuel deal.

About new energy suppliers in general

It’s very complex to set up an energy supply business. Invariably, there’s quite a learning curve involved. When new suppliers appear among the cheapest on comparison sites, they tend to attract a lot of new business. This can cause a lot of problems if they don’t have enough employees in place to handle the various departments.

Would I switch to isupply?

The fact that this supplier is not getting great reviews would put me off.

Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

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Average rating:  
 45 reviews
by Robin on isupply reviews
Don't use Isupply electric!!

I went with Isupply and they gave me a rate which was great and I paid every month. Just this month apparently the guy that gave me that rate was wrong and I now owe 700 pounds! So I asked if I could pay it off monthly and just add more to my bill and they said no! One guys huge mistake and made my life crap! So now they are demanding the money eventually said that I could pay it off monthly but I just got a letter put through saying I owe them 760 pounds because I did a late payment! I wasn't told about having to pay at a certain time and I am so tired of calling up and the people on the phone not caring one bit and all saying complete different things to me! Never go with isupply electric

by Ed Ghilks on isupply reviews
Appalling Service

i supply are incredibly unhelpful, their systems are out of sync with each other, their website is fairly appalling (wouldn't let me set up a DD and didn't have my correct bill amounts). I would never use them.

by Charlotte on isupply reviews

I wouldn't even give a star if I didn't have to. This company is an absolute joke. Please do not even waste your time.I have provided untold readings to them and somehow they manage to enter the data wrong, I then switched banking details and the direct debit did not go through for a few months, on investigating, they had entered the wrong details AGAIN! Not once did they inform me of the error and that the monthly instalments were not being taken. This took at least six months to rectify. The customer service is appalling. You have to wait nearly an hour to get through to somebody on the phone, It's very rare to get an email response and even then, this will be weeks after you sent the original email. I had written a complaint to them regarding the poor service, lack of assistance with my account and the many errors they had made. This was responded to a MONTH after writing the complaint and a very measly response at that. The opening hours are terrible. Whilst I appreciate everybody has a life and I do not expect them to be open 24hours a day. At least be open a little later after people get home from work. I work 08:30am to 17:30pm, I have an hour for lunch. The many times I have missed a whole lunch break for sitting on the phone to these people and by the time I get home form work, they are shut. They are open, Monday - Friday, 09:00am-17:00pm.AVOID THIS COMPANY IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY. As the phrase goes "Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys" You sure get a really cheap service for the cheap price you pay. I am looking to pay the early cancellation fee as the ongoing problems with this company are ridiculous. I have learnt my lesson, I would rather pay extra for a company who value their customers and provide a decent service.

by John Rosenfeld on isupply reviews
I do not recommend them

I have been with isupply one year and have just switched to a cheaper supply. I usually switch suppliers regularly and therefore have been with quite a few energy companies. This one has been by far the worst. I have given them regular monthly electricity and gas readings, some they have not accepted although they were perfectly in line with expected usage. When I queried why certain readings were not accepted they insisted that I took photos of the meter readings(not easy with smart meters with the numbers whizzing past). The implied accusation that I was somehow falsifying the readings began to rile me and when I suggested that they send their own meter readers I was met with silence.I switched away from them in the middle of the month and they took a direct debit at the beginning of the month. My accounts were already all in credit so I felt justified in cancelling my direct debit payment with them after the last payment was taken. They then proceeded to slap a £10 'direct debit cancellation fee' on each account which after another fight they are in the process of refunding. It is all too much effort for the meagre savings. Avoid like the plague!

by Nathaniel Siempre on isupply reviews
Isupply Crooks and Thieves

Having followed their procedures online of moving procedures, spoken to a customer adviser who said they will be reimbursing me over £200 of overpayments within 30 days, it did not materialise. My online account had my balance as being owed the same amount. I called them again (if i did not call they would have been happy to forget) and the adviser said there was an error on their part and the payment should reach me within 2 weeks. Following that i called again - this time the person i spoke to said according to their records they do not owe me anything and in fact i owe them! I checked my online account again and to my amazement they had changed my balance and made it look like i owed them money!!!!I told them of my previous conversations and they said i was mis-advised and there was no record of this.I will be contacting the police ombudsman and taking legal action. This company should be stopped from and people arrested.

by COLIN MACDONALD on isupply reviews

Don't use them their pathetic and they are difficult to contact.Firstly they did not advise previous provider as promised.Then they set up 2 direct debits,or should I say they sen t 2 different e-mails to say they had.When I cancelled direct debit as I was unsure if 2 were set up they charged 10 pounds when it was really their fault.I made 2 written complaints neither of which was handled correctly and whilst I am still with them I will be moving provider at the earliest opportunity.Dont use them.You have been warned.

by Rob Christie on isupply reviews
Simply the Worst

They don't even deserve 1 star but you have to give them that! Had difficulty when I opened the account . They found it very difficult to accept the opening meter readings as they were 'unverified' OK whilst in contract but leaving them has and is horrendous.Now nearly 6 months on after using the wrong readings they still have not got it right. call centre staff always polite and sympathetic but can't do anything on numerous occasions promised callbacks from supervisors only once has this happened. don't even think about using them.

by Ryan on isupply reviews
IsupplyEnergy Provides False Information to Credit Reference Agency - Beware!

I was a customer of this company for 3 years. That was 2 years ago. However, I was surprised to discover on my credit file that the company had recently suddenly opened an account in my name and claimed that I was suddenly missing payments to their company within the last 3 months of this year. This was despite the fact that I had closed my account with them over 2 years ago and fully settled the final bill leaving it with a zero balance. I have had no contact or association with this company since that time so I was flabbergasted to discover that I was suddenly now missing payments to their company in 2017 despite not even being a customer of theirs and hadn't been for over 2 years! The cheek! As a result of this company's actions, my excellent credit score plummeted to a negative and adverse number.I subsequently contacted the credit reference agency and successfully managed to have this false information removed after 2 weeks thus my credit file was restored to its original state. I also contacted Isupply Energy by phone, email and letter to their Head Office for an explanation. That was never forthcoming. Avoid this company at all costs if you don't want them to unjustifiably hamper your credit file down the line years after being one of their customers. Also, do check your credit files with Experian, Equifax and CallCredit if you are a former customer of Isupply Energy as who knows who else they have done this to??!!

by Alex Martin on isupply reviews

It's been months now I've been trying to get nearly £200 refunded to me and they are throwing every possible obstacle in my path, and all along they have acknowledged that they owe me the money..!! DON'T USE ISUPPLYENERGY. Use a company who won't treat you like dirt.

by Luke on isupply reviews
Poor customer service isupply

Poor customer service, waiting for final bills for both gas and electricity but got changed late payment as my account that is showing in credit hasn't managed to be confirmed and have been told it could take up to a week to receive the amended final bill including the unreasonable charges but if I haven't paid before the the cut off date that is next week I will get charged again!How can I get charged for a late payment if I haven't received the bill or had a chance to pay????Shocking

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  • Poxy Pig (#)
    September 15th, 2016

    When iSupply found I’d decided to leave they sent me a change of direct debit notice, putting the debit up by £5.
    Two days after my contract had terminated I cancelled the direct debit but they still continued to take money from my bank, even though I had left!
    It took them over 6 weeks to send my final bill, with still no refund of the amount I’d overpaid. To my horror they’d added a £10.50 fee for cancellation of the direct debit, something I’d done, not them.
    The saga continues . . . . .

  • John Tym (#)
    December 19th, 2016

    My contract finsished in early October and I have a credit owing to me of over £600. Two phone calls and great patience on my part but no signs of the money coming back. Surely this is a criminal offence??

  • MM (#)
    March 23rd, 2017

    poor service, you are passed around from one department to another, may be cheap but very poor customer service. If you want to waste your time on the phone to this guys, then this is the service is for you. Staff are not trained and do not care. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • KLambert (#)
    March 25th, 2017

    DO NOT USE ISUPPLY!!!!!!!!
    Anything and everything possible they get it wrong never met such incompetence in my life
    Switching to this company was my biggest mistake ever it’s been a nightmare and is still on going be warned DO NOT USE ISUPPLY

  • David Lawson (#)
    June 2nd, 2017


    After watching Martin Lewis pushing people to find a better deal I decided to swap to iSupplyEnergy. He said it wouldn’t take long and is easy to do. That was back in December and it is now June and they still haven’t sorted my account. Electricity was swapped over straight away but I’m still having problems with my gas.

    Firstly the change over never happened on the day it was supposed to. They still decided to take money from my account even though I was still getting my gas from my original supplier. I did get a refund.

    In March they finally started supplying my gas. Late April I was waiting to see how much money came out of my account for the gas I was using and to my surprise no money left my account. I logged on to my online account only to find my direct debit details weren’t there. I rang them up to sort this out.

    Still watching my account another month passed and still no money came out of my account. I logged onto my online account to see the message “This contract does not require a Direct Debit payment.” So again my direct debit details have vanished….again!!!

    I sent them a message on their online system a few days ago asking if they have decided to give me the gas for free considering I am trying to pay but they just don’t seem to want to take my money. It is now 2nd June and they haven’t got back to me yet.

    So basically this company first took money from me without supplying my gas and now that they are supplying my gas they aren’t taking my money.

    If anyone out there is thinking about changing their energy supplier to iSupplyEnergy I would save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy and DON’T DO IT!!!!!! It has been 6 months for me and it still isn’t sorted.


    p.s. Thanks a lot Martin Lewis

  • Kenneth Barron (#)
    June 12th, 2017

    Trying to get through to customer service seems impossible after getting past auto your left hanging for god knows how long as I’ve yet to get an answer seriously thinking of changing supply but worried as all reviews I’ve read tell me I could loose a lot of money from them if your thinking of switching to them I wouldn’t I have and am now regretting it