Pros and cons of switching energy supplier

Is it a wise move to switch energy supplier?

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It comes as no surprise that many consumers are still reluctant to switch their energy supplier. But this reluctance means you are spending the most on your energy bills!

What can go wrong?

  • Get online quotes yourself and, switch to the cheapest supplier. This in itself can lead to problems if you have switched to a new supplier who can’t handle a sudden influx of new customers!
  • Switch to a new supplier when you have been talked into it through a phone call or in a shopping centre. If you have not compared all the energy deals yourself, how are you to know you are getting a good deal?
  • Switch to the same supplier as a friend because they said they are on a good deal. Your friend may not be getting a good as deal as they think. Also, you may not get the same tariff they are on!

How to get it right.

  • Get online quotes yourself using an Ofgem accredited comparison site. Ofgem, the governing body for energy suppliers, have accredited a small number of comparison sites. These sites have to follow a strict set of rules which put the consumers first!
  • Switch to a supplier who has a proven track record. This may or, may not be showing as the cheapest.

Which energy suppliers are the safest to switch to?

  • Scottish Power
  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO

Who are the Ofgem accredited comparison sites?

This is the full list of the Ofgem accredited comparison sites.

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Do we have a personal interest in the comparison sites?

If you go on to switch your supplier after clicking the link, we receive a small commission from the comparison sites with a heart next to them. This is what pays for this website to operate. You are, of course free to use any comparison site you like, but we thank you for your help if you choose the sites we are associated with.

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