Petition to revoke licence to shoot feral cats

A licence has been issued to capture and shoot feral cats in Scotland.

Wild cat

Due to the difficulty with getting petitions started up with the Scottish Parliament at the moment, I have made this page of my website available for the purpose of collecting signatures.

The following is a snippet from the licence application.

Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats will be dispatched according to standard
predator control practices, by the land manager, with appropriate firearm in one shot with
minimal time to death. The Wildcat Project Officer will be notified about such individuals and
cadavers will be collected for genetic and veterinary screening, within 3 days. To minimise stress and
ensure high standards of welfare are in place for individuals assessed as feral domestic cats, dispatch
should occur within the traps as soon as the assessment is made. Feral domestic cats should not be
removed from traps and transported as this may result in unnecessary stress and compromised

You can view a copy of the licence here

This petition is to get this licence cancelled. Instead of shooting the cats, we want to capture and neuter them.

We have until 15th June 2016 to collect 100,000 signatures. I will then send the petition with all the signatures to the Scottish Environment Minister.

Your details will not be used for anything other than the purpose of this petition.

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  • angela mackay (#)
    June 22nd, 2017

    this is shocking these cats have a right to life a happy life its not there fault that some humans got rid or left these cats to fend for them selfs this is sad

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