Why have the energy suppliers not reduced their prices further?

cheaper energy meter

  • Consumers moaning about energy prices.

  • Petitions for lower energy prices.

I hear it and, see it day in and day out.

There’s nothing exciting about energy, we just want to turn on a switch to get light. We want to watch television. We want to turn the heating on when we are cold. There’s so much we take for granted. We don’t care how it gets to our homes. We just expect it to be there!

Okay, so we do care about how much we pay for it. But, wait a minute – haven’t wholesale prices came down?

They sure have!

So why are we still paying so much for our energy?

Because we are lazy!

What? wait a minute – What are you talking about? What’s the high energy prices got to do with us being lazy?

The energy suppliers are smart! They count on us being lazy. They keep the Standard energy prices high so they can offer discounted energy deals to those who shop around for cheaper deals.

It all balances out very nicely for the suppliers. They can attract new customers by offering low internet prices, while they reap the rewards from consumers who don’t bother switching to a cheaper online deal.

So there you have it. Prices have came down. Did you get your cheaper energy deal?


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