There is no point in switching energy supplier.

After all, you don’t save anything in the long run – Do you?

man kicking bulbPerhaps you have switched your energy supplier in the past and, this is the feeling you are left with.

The truth is, you can’t just switch once then just rest on your laurels.

If you want to save some serious money on your energy bills, take a look at what I have achieved.


2 years free electricity and gas

That’s pretty much what my savings have amounted to. I’ve been switching supplier on a yearly basis for the past 10 years. On average, I have been saving around 20% based on Standard energy prices. That’s equivalent to getting around 2 years free gas and electricity.

Free car tax and insurance

This pretty much sums up my savings. The amount I save by ensuring I’m always on a discounted energy price, is enough to cover the cost of my car tax and insurance.

How is it done?

carrot stickIt’s carrot time. The suppliers understand that, sometimes, some consumers want to shop around for a cheaper energy deal. And, of course, cheaper deals are to be found on the internet, normally through price comparison sites.

The suppliers offer cheaper online deals to attract new customers. (In other words, they dangle a great offer in front of you) The cheaper deals are normally guaranteed for around one year (unless you have a longer term fixed price tariff) Once the year is over, you are then placed onto that suppliers Standard Energy Tariff.

What is Standard Energy?

This is the default tariff which all suppliers put you on when you haven’t bothered to switch to a cheaper online deal. Most consumers are on this tariff. The suppliers want you on this tariff because this is where they make their biggest profits!

Get a cheaper deal

There are hundreds of comparison sites, but just to be sure that you, as a consumer, are having your interests and security put first, use an OFGEM Accredited Comparison Site.

Make sure you have a bill to hand. You will be asked about your current tariff and usage. You will then be presented with all of the discounted energy deals.

Now be careful which supplier you choose. There will be many suppliers you have never heard of (some of them have a very poor reputation) To help make this transition less painful, we suggest you switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest tariffs.

  • Scottish Power
  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy



This is a full list of the Accredited sites

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Updated: 17/11/2017
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  • colin bulmer (#)
    June 17th, 2016

    extraenergy has a good rating.
    how? not by me.
    I am owed £355.80 have tried to get refund
    to no avale.allways given excuse why unable to pay me.
    now am told I have to wait another 21 days.
    we will see.
    rubbish company.

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