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Economy Energy Reviews

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Our resident energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new energy supplier. Are they any good? Is there a down side to them?.

Economy Energy are new to the domestic energy market, so feel it is still early days to give an accurate review for Economy Energy..

Economy Energy customer service.

I’m, glad to report that things do look promising with Economy Energy. They seem to have their act together. They are in fact, a step ahead with future changes coming to the energy market.

My Verdict

The Pros

  • Customer service and ease of contact, look promising.
  • Pricing is very good.

The Cons

  • New Supplier learning curve

Would I go with this supplier?

No, not at this early stage. I just feel there is too much that can go wrong. On the positive side, Economy Energy are prepared for the future. But as yet, I don’t believe they have been trading long enough as a supplier to receive an accurate measure of reviews.

Fancy giving them a go?

If you want to give Economy Energy a go, you can switch to them through Energy Helpline


The safest option!

Choose a supplier which has more of a track record. Switch through an Ofgem accredited comparison site. Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

Safest option suppliers.


  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • OVO Energy
  • Co-op Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
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 32 reviews
Economy Energy is NOT trust-worthy

This is not a trust-worthy company! We moved out of our property in Cambridge and cancelled our account. They promised to refund us for the extra amount paid every month for our gas and energy during one year. Yet, nearly FOUR MONTHS have passed and we haven't received a penny of our money back. We've called over 10 times, sent emails, sent complaint forms and NOTHING is done. They've unlawfully kept money that's not theirs, so avoid them at all costs and save yourself the frustration and headache.

Economy Energy ... the story so far

I am not impressed so far. I had trouble getting the old company to accept my new meter readings. Economy Energy's website has been faulty since the day I joined them from early August to date (31 Oct), they can only display my ELECTRICITY account and not my GAS !! Last week the electricity was showing I had paid £107, this week £0 which is nonsense. You cannot submit meter readings on line (gas electricity). They have not used the readings I have given them over the phone and have made up readings which are MILES out !! They take two payments up front and do not tell you this (it is hidden in tiny print in their Ts & Cs which I've never seen). They set my initial DD up at TEN TIMES the agreed value and they have charged me a different Electricity tariff 12.852p per kWh than they agreed 12.842p per kWh for the North West despite me having a screen print of the agreed rates which are fixed for 12 months. It takes ages to get through to them on 0333 103 9053 they play ringing tones twice on a tape but don't answer the phone for ages if at all. Then you get put through to SALES instead of billing (despite pressing all the correct buttons) with a further 19 minute wait. When you ask an awkward question the phone line cracks up and you cannot hear them and have to repeat the point at least half a dozen times. Not a good start, let's hope they don't go the same way as GB Energy who went bust on 26 Nov 2016 @ 7pm on a Saturday night !!

by Louise Richards on Economy Energy Review
Poor customer service.

This company are nothing but utter s**t. I have had nothing but hassle with Economy Energy,they have messed up my claim for warm discount which I'm hoping I will still get when I swap back to my old supplier OVO.It was the worst decision ever to go Economy Energy. Please please do not go with them even if do get a small saving of £46 a year because it isn't worth it.I was so stressed out while I was with them,which you shouldn't have to put up with.

by david hogg on Economy Energy Review

had nothing but problems on switching to them .now regretting it.sighed up to online saver for GAS AND ELECTRIC.only electric shown on my online account.phoned after many attemps told someone will phone me back.THEY DONT.sent e mails THEY DONT RESPOND. asked to speak to a manager.YOU CANT.PLEASE DONT USE THEM.


That company connected to my house WITHOUT my knowledge! I was so off gas for couple of weeks and never knew Im with them! It was even not in my name!


I hotness a phone call over 4 weeks ago about changing my gas and electricity supply to this company due to spending far to much on the company I was originally with so I changed, ever since then iv had nothing but hassle! My electricity card head sent out about a week ago last Monday I tipped up 20 pound to then for it to be declined on 3 different occasions but still took money from my bank I have the receipts to prove it IStill have not gotten my gas card and gone almost 2 weeks with. I gas my house is freezing and we are now in winter! I also topped that up using my old card two weeks agoWhich got rejected due to the change, I phoned up Saturday was told they will put me in credit on my gas meter and I'm still yet waiting I do not get paid till 3 weeks time from work so I phone up to try get it sorted due to being at work all day yesterday! To then be told I can't get help because I havnt ripped up so I told the woman on the phone that infact I have topped up and I have the receipts to prove it! To then be spoken to poorly and hung up on! Safe to say I will be changing back to my original company even if I have to pay a lot more because atleast they have respect for customers and not Ann attitude!! And does not take over half an hour to an hour to answere the phone!

by brendan on Economy Energy Review
worst ever!!!

i am a serial switcher always after the best deal and until coming across this company had not encountered a problem. no online access to accounts, unable to input meter readings no bills so i dont know whats going on. spoken to loads of people on the phone who constantly lie to you, emailed never get replies. gone through complaints procedure still no replies. only option switch again and have to pay early termination charge. will go to ombudsmen and hopefully get it back though...AVOID at all costs


Worst company ive ever dealt with wd not recommend them manager needs 2 learn customer care so rude issues still not dealt with will b taking matters further run away from this company as fast as u can

by Joe mc Ginley on Economy Energy Review
Liars and thieves

Only two words describe economy energy liars and thieves

by Dr.P.G.Ryan on Economy Energy Review

I switched to Economy Energy (EE) in April 2017 because they offered me the cheapest tariffs for dual fuel. My previous experiences of switching companies had all been good.Not so with EE.At first things seemed OK. I waited for my first bill to arrive to check that all had gone smoothly but did not get one. Phoned up to find that they only issue bills every three months and could not give me one until then.Tried to find out on line via the web site but it was always unavailable.Agents, when I phoned were always very polite and gave the impression that they would do something to sort out my problem but nobody ever did.Finally got one of the agents to send me a bill in August.Grossly overcharged for gas. Electricity was OK because I already had Smart Electricity Meter installed by a previous utility.Countless emails and phone calls ensued including trying to follow EE's complaints procedure but nobody ever replied.On occasions when I asked to speak to a manager I was asked to hold and then the line always went dead.Can't complain to the Ombudsman because one has to have followed the Utilities complaints procedure. Can't follow the complaints procedure because nobody replies to my emails and phone calls.WARNING TO PEOPLE SWITCHING ANYWAY.Make sure that you get the start readings registered because that was the basis of my problem.With no justification at all EE made an estimated of my gas read. They did not ask for one as others utilities has done. I did not give them one because they did not tell me until after they had switched me what the switch date was. As soon as I knew that I had switched I sent them one.I soon found out too, that sending them readings was a waste of time since they 'lost' them.The unfortunate thing about my situation was the estimated start reading was less than the previous utilities' last read, for which I had already paid. Smacks of fraud does that!I am still at the time of writing waiting for someone in EE to get back to me and acknowledge my complaint. It is now mid September.According to the Ombudsman I have to give them eight weeks to respond but a start to that cannot be determined because EE won't reply.SWITCH TO EE AT YOUR PERIL

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  • Brian barker (#)
    October 6th, 2016

    Economy energy told me they do warm home payment. Changed to them then relise after sign up they do it and tied me in for 12months ripped me off

  • K O'Connor (#)
    November 24th, 2016

    This company is a scam since switching to them I have to keep topping up and they keep telling me I owe them. I’ve been on a payment meter for over 14 years and never had anything like this. They are scammers and are very disrespectful. I have never been so disappointed.

  • Beth (#)
    January 20th, 2017

    I have been with economy energy now for 12 months. I’ve never had a problem and found £15-17 easily lasts me 2 weeks for electricity and £20 every two weeks for gas with the heating on a lot (it’s winter and I have a 2 year old!).

    I have no daily charges and have never gone in to emergency.

    I am a very happy customer don’t know why everyone is so against them!?

  • Chelsea (#)
    February 9th, 2017

    Twice this has happened to me, a lady and a gentleman both knock on my door.
    The first time with the gentleman asking to read my meters and then signed away after… It took me a while to realize that they had in fact actually switched my energy supply, I had a grueling process of trying to block the switch, which failed and then was overcharged for the time I was with them.
    Today the lady came around and told me about how energy suppliers have been overcharging customers, would I like them to sort it out for me? Well of course, I don’t want to be overcharged.
    She never once mentioned switching to a different supplier, unbeknown to what I was doing i signed the iPad and waited for the call from main office… Whilst on the call I realized what had happened and I told them I do not wish for the process to go through, they told me okay and that it won’t, my application is still on their system and when I asked them to remove it I was told that they cannot do that.

    I may have not been so smart with my decisions but they do not make themselves clear as to what you are doing.

    Do not go with this company, they are simply a nightmare.

  • Doug Sampson (#)
    March 4th, 2017

    signed up with economy energy about 5 weeks ago. all appears ok but cannot log into their web site to check my account / details. Keep getting message “we are tinkering with this section of our site”. How long does that take. Read more bad than good comments. Have I made a mistake.