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Affect Energy Reviews.

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Our resident energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new energy supplier. Are they any good? Is there a down side to them?.

The good news is, Affect Energy is a new energy supplier, so they will be making an extra effort to get things right.  I do feel it is still early days to give an accurate review for Affect Energy though

Affect Energy customer service.

As I am writing this review, I have sent an email to Affect Energy. This is my way of finding out how their customer service responds to a medium difficulty task.

I’m a bit concerned that they are not prepared for future changes in the energy markets. I’m not unimpressed with the response, it really was what I expected from a new energy supplier.

My Verdict

The Pros

  • Customer service and ease of contact, look promising.
  • Pricing is very good.

The Cons

  • New Supplier learning curve
  • Not set up for future technical issues

Would I go with this supplier?

No, not at this early stage. I just feel there is too much that can go wrong. On the positive side, Affect Energy are aiming to provide a good service. But as yet, I don’t believe they have been trading long enough as a supplier to receive an accurate measure of reviews.


The safest option!

Choose a supplier which has more of a track record. Switch directly to that supplier through their own website, or go through an Ofgem accredited comparison site. Ofgem, are the Governing body for comparison sites. All the comparison sites which are accredited by Ofgem are listed here.

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Safest option suppliers.


  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • Bulb Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Green Star Energy
  • Scottish Power


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by ronchayes on Affect Energy Review
Affect Energy

Seamless transfer from previous supplier. Everything done at correct time. Saving money and above all a clear and simple website and easily understood billing.So far very happy. No need to contact customer services so can't review that. No fuel mix yet.

Affect Enery

So far so excellent!Handled switch smoothly, any hiccups caused by previous supplier, BG.Customer service is excellent - staff are very knowledgable and really seem to care about the service provided.

Very pleased so far

Completely painless switch, online access just worked (unlike previous supplier!) and is very well designed and usable (unlike ALL my previous suppliers!), first bill appeared right on time.I'd say forget the "new supplier learning curve", I've been with far bigger and older suppliers that couldn't get the basics right, Affect seem to know what they're doing. I recommend giving them a try.

I'm very pleased with Affect

When prices were rising at Ovo in 2016, I decided to switch to Affect Energy just in time to catch their Fixed Saver (October 2017) dual fuel tariff. Six months on and they are still much cheaper than the gas & electricity deals currently available. I calculate Affect will save me approximately £120 on Ovo's Better Energy Online fixed tariff over the next 12 months.Having got used to Ovo's good reputation for customer service, I was pleasantly surprised to find very high standards at Affect Energy too. The switch to Affect was handled very competently and communication with the supplier was always excellent throughout. Affect's website is easy to navigate and billing is clear and well presented. I will say take a chance with Affect Energy, I fully recommend this supplier (five stars).

by Emily Winslade on Affect Energy Review
So Impressed!!

Not only are they offering a great price for energy but their customer service is exemplary too. Very friendly, easy to talk to, sent a follow up email to confirm our chat and went above and beyond to put my mind as ease. It will take a lot for me to move suppliers now.

by Melissa on Affect Energy Review
Soooo impressed!

I've been with a few different energy suppliers (a mix of big 6 and smaller ones), and so far these guys win! Really friendly on the phone (quite informal, which I personally love), the prices are pretty good and the website's really easy to use. So far so good! 🙂

by Matt jones on Affect Energy Review
So far, so good!

I switched to affect energy around 3 months ago as the yearly tariff was much cheaper than my previous supplier, im glad to say that i have been impressed with the service so far and ive saved about £60 already,. There were some issues around that needed addressing with direct debit set up as i had also recently switched banks too, customer services seemed to manage this without a hitch and i cannot fault the service so far. I hope that Affect energy continue to do well as i understand the 'big six' need more competition in order to drive prices down, particularly in this financial climate.

by Rebecca on Affect Energy Review
Incredible Customer Service

I signed up online to switch my electricity and gas supply to Affect Energy, as their tariff was the best by miles, realising only minutes after that I was weeks early and would miss the free 90-day switch agreement with my current supplier. Realising too late that I was in for a hefty charge, I rang Affect Energy and explained. The customer service lady that I spoke to, Kim, was very understanding and arranged for it to be cancelled and set up again at a later date, to avoid charges. I also asked for my direct debit to be moved to the 1st, so my request was actually a little complex and annoying, but she rolled with it like a trooper. We spoke over the coming weeks, as she ironed out any system problems that arose due to me signing up and then cancelling.For a start, it's refreshing that I had one particular contact during those conversations, both via email and on the phone, and secondly, that that contact was awesome. Kim always spoke with knowledge, friendliness and genuine care, and has not let me down ever with regards to coming back to me and sorting things out on the date she said.Yesterday was the day she'd promised weeks ago that she'd schedule the switch-over, and she sis, without me having to chase her or speak to several other people. I was so appreciative of such a stand-out service, I emailed her line manager, Stuart, and he too was really stand-out in a response that was both friendly and very caring about the business. It's rare that I feel like a company's valued, individual client, instead of just another customer, and I will recommend them to everyone, not just on price, but on the best customer service I have received all year. This team cares, and that's missing from a lot of big companies. I recommend them highly and am pleased to be their customer.

New supplier

This is our own review for Affect energy. Because this is a new supplier with no track record, I have awarded 2 stars. If you fancy giving this supplier a try, then you should sign up direct with their own website. Please come back here to let everyone know how they are doing.


  • Kevin Parkes (#)
    June 20th, 2017

    You have sent me an email today asking for my meter reading as I am a new customer (70020****) however I am unable to access to your website, I have tried other websites and have had no trouble?
    My gas reading is 07837 and the electric is 81429

    • Martin Ramsey (#)
      June 20th, 2017

      Thanks for getting in touch. Your message has been forwarded to Affect Energy.

  • I.T. Anslow (#)
    July 19th, 2017

    Have been with Affect Energy for 11 months and although their new tariff has increased by 13.3 percent this year, will probably continue with this company at the end of my contract.

    • Martin Ramsey (#)
      July 19th, 2017

      We are happy to hear you are having a better experience than you had with your previous supplier!

    • I.T. Anslow (#)
      August 16th, 2017

      Further to my entry on July 19th 2017, after provisionally agreeing a new contract, the the new tariff was increased to another £1 per month making a hike of 16.66 percent. I immediately switched to another provider.

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