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We have secured a budget to give away some energy saving gifts. If you are taking steps to get onto a cheaper online energy tariff, then we will help you make even more savings with these great give aways!

This card is just a picture, so it doesn’t work. But, when you switch supplier, then register for our tariff watch scheme, you will get an online scratchcard that really works and, gives you real prizes.



The prizes:

Win a holiday.

Holiday win

We have teamed up with Jet2 Holidays to bring you this assortment of great last minute holidays. There is no restrictions on when you can go. You can click the image to see what holidays are available just now.

Energy saving = Not a long haul flight, so savings are made on CO2 emissions



LED 32″ TV

tv win


If you win this prize, we will send you a great branded 32″ TV.

Energy saving = 32″ LED TV’s use very little electricity. Ideal for the bedroom.



100 win


No description needed really. After all, who couldn’t use £100.

Energy saving = You don’t have to work for it 🙂




bulb win

A clever bulb that will see you through the night. Not only is this a low energy usage bulb, it also has a built in sensor so it switches itself on when you approach it. Great for those dark hallways.

Energy saving = It’s an energy saving bulb that switches itself off.


What are the chances of winning?

Pretty good actually. Everyone wins. Yes, you guessed it – most will win the bulb. But, everyone stands an equally fair chance of winning any of the other prizes.

Holiday chance of winning = 1/200

TV chance of winning = 1/100

£100 chance of winning = 1/50

Bulb chance of winning = All the remaining chances.

How to get the free scratch card

We are only giving this away to serious people who want to save money on their energy bills.

  1. Switch your energy supplier through the UK Power comparison site.
  2. Return to this page then register for our Tariff Watch scheme.
  3. After you register, click the settings cog to update your profile.
  4. A scratch card will appear.
  5.  After you have revealed your prize, take a note of the winning card number (Whatever you do, don’t close the card before you get the number) You won’t see it again and, will be void without the number.
  6. Your scratch card will only be validated upon a successful energy switch. UK Power will notify us in 4 to 6 weeks if your energy switch has been successful. This is when we will issue your prize.

Recommended suppliers

There are quite a few new suppliers appeared recently. But, just to ensure you don’t run into too many problems, we recommend you switch to one of the more established suppliers listed here.

  • SSE
  • Scottish Power
  • EDF Energy
  • E.ON
  • Npower
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • First:Utility *
  • OVO Energy
  • iSupply

* Some of the comparison sites don’t offer a switching service for First:Utility. But if you switch to them via this link, we will still honour your scratch card prize.

About this give away

We have chosen to make this available to consumers who switch through UK Power. We could have chosen a number of other OFGEM accredited comparison sites, but UK Power provide us with more useful information about your tariff when you switch.

If you have any queries, you should contact ourselves and not Uk Power. UK Power won’t be able to offer any help with this scratch card give away.

If you don’t follow the steps above to switch your energy supplier, we won’t receive confirmation about your switch. In this case, your prize will be void

If you switch then cancel, your prize will be void.

If your switch has been unsucessful for any reason at all, your prize will be void.

Success will be achieved when you switch through the UK Power link on this website, then go on to make a successful energy switch.

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