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are proving difficult to come by at the moment. We look into the reasons why this is the case!

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For some reason, back in 2015 about 6 months after they started up, they asked OFGEM to revoke their electricity licence. However, they do still hold a licence under a different licence number.

Whilst trying to do some research into Places for People, it would appear they have a few irons in the fire. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it does make it difficult to detemine where to find their energy website.

The usual rules

The usual rules regarding new energy suppliers definitely apply as far as reviews go for Places for People Energy. Give them a wide berth until they can prove their worth.

Anyway, about the reviews. As this review post for Places for People Energy was just posted on the date in the title, it is early days to have received any customer reviews as yet. If you are, or have been a customer of this supplier, please leave your review to let others know what you think.

What do we think of Places for People Energy?

Very disappointed to find it difficult to research this supplier.

Update 1st December 2016

After looking at this supplier again. I have now managed to gain access to their website. (It was down when I was conducting my initial research). I may be being a little unfair to this supplier. They have in fact, the lowest amount of complaints recorded with 3rd party sources.

My concern is, that they are new to the energy market. But, they may just be worthwhile having a go at. Not all comparison sites offer a switching service for Places for People Energy. You can switch to them through Energylinx though!


What do we, at EAS UK recommend?

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  • Scottish Power
  • Co-op Energy
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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Stephen on Places for People
Avoid PFP! You have been warned!

Whatever price you are offered do NOT switch to PFP start-up energy supplier. I foolishly thought being a local company and 75 they would look after me.The staff do not have the experience or English to conduct a business.My Direct Debit was taken the day I started, so PFP have money for something they have not supplied.My Direct Debit was overestimated and 3 months I had almost £300 in credit and getting it back was a nightmare. I Only when I threatened to turn up at their office in Preston did they wake up and offer to give me back my money. They did not understand it was not my job to enrich their bank balanceYou have to read your meters and the PFP staff then enter the amount on your account. They got all the four digits wrong and my Gas account showed I had used a year's gas in 30 daysThis problem could have been fixed in a moment by staff looking at my reading. But no, PFP does not answer or acknowledge emails for some time and some not at all and when they do, they do not read them! I wrote to four addresses, phoned & sent a letter by recorded delivery but the problem dragged on and eventually went to the Energy Ombudsman.AVOID PFP!

by Gabrielle on Places for People
Suitably impressed

We switched to PFP several months ago from EDF energy. I appreciate that going with new and smaller utility providers can be cautious for many people, however I just simply refuse to go with any of the big six after receiving terrible services from several of the bunch over several years.The switch was easy and everything was taken care of on our behalf and their communications are friendly and you feel like you're actually cared for, not just one of thousands.The only thing that I struggle with is providing meter readings on a monthly basis - they remind you when it's almost time to provide them and when it is time too, but it still slips my mind...says more about me than them though! I know regular readings is in my best interest as they adapt my payments based on how much I'm actually using.Anyway, very impressed so far, just hope it continues.

by Vanessa Lindsay Smith on Places for People

I joined this company in September 2016 on a negotiated group fix deal. It took three attempts, which delayed the start of my fix deal into October. The first time they tried to set up an account for my neighbour instead, then cancelled my contract without contacting me. Not good for neighbourly relations. They blamed a third party but I don't believe it. The second time they messed up. But each time I had to start the whole process again including the 14 day waiting period. All was quiet for 6 months. Then for no reason one of the earlier accounts sprung to life again and started taking a duplicate direct debit from my bank account. I stopped the duplicate and called to advise them but they denied there was a problem at their end. I raised a complaint but the person who supposedly'investigated'obviously didnt look very hard as they simply requested the stopped direct debit again a week later. Second time lucky. I phoned again after I reaslised, and thought it was all sorted, but another duplicate payment was taken the day after I phoned! I arranged for the extra money to be transferred into my real account but hasn't happen yet as apparently it takes 5 working days?? What a shambles! I will be leaving as soon as my fix ends.

Dreadful. Don't go there!

Not sure if zero stars work?Had no choice in joining them last November when I moved into my house. Tried to register on line - dreadful website sent me round in circles. Tried to discuss fixed term rates with customer services - after 45 mins on line with a chap who couldn't use the computer I gave up again! Never received terms & conditions. Two weeks only allowed for payment of bill or you are charged ablate payment fee. When u do pay they still apply a £20 fine a day later & then the following month they duplicated the charges. At £44 it was a 68%fee on my bill! Emailed my complaint, called 4 times. Still not resolved. Their finance & customer services is a joke!

by Laura Hudson on Places for People
Avoid - completely disorganised

Switched in October 2016 - did not get confirmed industry readings sorted out until April 2017. Took hours on the phone to sort out but despite everyone apologising for the errors - only offered £15 compensation which I refused as derisory. Incredibly disorganised and one of their call handlers could not see that I was being charged by both them and my previous supplier as there was an overlap of meter readings. I will be leaving!

All good after 2 months

It's early days but the switch from EON was very efficient, the rate is good and the website portal is easy to follow and upload monthly readings to keep on track.

by Andy Moores on Places for People
Places for people Energy

I have been with this supplier for over 12 months, first class service with a UK call centre, yes they are new however I cant complain as they are very easy to deal with and value for money.

by Susan Hewitt on Places for People
Avoid PFP Energy

I was with PFP Energy for just a few months.Their customer Service was terrible.After leaving in April 2016 I had to make a complaint in August to get a refund of my account balance that was in credit. They eventually agreed to refund this.In Feb 2017 we are contacted by a debt collection firm saying INCORRECTLY that we owed them money!Clueless!Best avoided.

by EAS UK on Places for People
EAS UK Review for this supplier

I seriously hope Places for People Energy get their act together. I would normally give 2 stars to a new supplier but, because it was difficult to do my usual research into them, I feel 1 star is justified at this time. If this supplier proves their worth in the future, I will change this accordingly.


  • anon (#)
    December 8th, 2016

    Places for people have left my he with no heating or any hot water for over a week. I am disgraced in there service. How can they provide good energy when they can’t facilitate the boilers to give energy out. Places for people do not put there tenants or costomers first

    • anon (#)
      December 8th, 2016

      *home. Three tenents in the same building same problem.

  • Dave (#)
    April 11th, 2017

    I have been with PFP for two months. Switch from EON went very smoothly. I upload meter readings monthly and everything is on track. Great to date

  • D.Lowe (#)
    May 9th, 2017

    Been with them one year and all is good.