Avoid the pitfalls when switching energy supplier

How to get things right when switching to a new energy supplier.

Pitfalls imageWith so many problems associated with switching to a new energy supplier, can you afford to become a victim?

There’s a new problem which never existed before 26th November 2016. An energy supplier actually went out of business. This was a new energy supplier who offered very low prices through online switching. Obviously too low, that they couldn’t sustain it!

There are many pitfalls that could arise when you switch to a new supplier. This is mainly down to the ability of the new supplier being able to cope with things.

Do your research

You can avoid the pitfalls if you do proper research into the energy suppliers and your new chosen tariff. It doesn’t always pay to jump in on the cheapest tariff shown on the comparison sites. In fact, many of the comparison sites don’t even offer a switching service for the cheapest tariffs. This is because the supplier has chosen not to pay the comparison site a fee for the switching process. This is a sure indication that they are working on very tight margins. This is also an indication that they could be making cut backs in other areas which could also affect customer service and, other energy related services!

New energy suppliers

There’s a lot of new energy suppliers offering cheap online prices. This all looks very good on paper. But what if it goes wrong? You may be lucky and, have no serious issues with a new supplier. I’m not saying they will all screw things up. But, my experience in the energy business indicates that new suppliers have quite a learning curve.

What can go wrong?

The more established energy suppliers have many departments in place to handle each individual aspect of running an energy company. Billing, metering, purchasing, customer service, finance, energy switching, sales, weather forecasting and, much more.

A new supplier can start with one person trying to handle the whole process of running an energy company. Then growth happens because of low internet prices. With growth, comes more staff, new premises, higher overheads. Then they need to increase their prices to pay for all of this. Then disaster. They increase their prices, then customers leave them.

Let us help you

We have already done all the research and, we keep the suppliers and their tariffs up to date.

You can see the latest performance figures here

Play it safe

The ball’s in your court, but I would switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.

  • SSE*
  • EDF
  • E.ON
  • Sainsburys**
  • First:Utility (Now well established. Not the worse supplier)
  • Npower
  • Scottish Power (Not doing too good for complaints at the moment, but still worth going with)
  • OVO ( Been around for a while. Worth going with, but they could be more upfront with customer complaints)

There are other suppliers with positive results, but they don’t offer cheap online prices.

SSE* includes these suppliers: SSE, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Ebico, Atlantic, M&S Energy.

Sainsburys** is provided by British/Scottish Gas. They promote cheaper online tariffs through the Sainsburys brand.


Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!




This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
uSwitchget quotes
Energy Helplineget quotes
Energylinxget quotes
The Energy Shopget quotes
My Utility Geniusget quotes
Simply Switchget quotes
Runpathget quotes
Unravel Itget quotes
Switch Gas & Electricget quotes
Moneysupermarketget quotes
Quotezoneget quotes



  • Sarah t (#)
    December 6th, 2016

    Please can you add Utilita to the good list as i have found them to be alot better and cheaper than OVO energy.
    The customer service is brilliant and you are also allowed £10 emergency credit and you also have friendly credit for evenings and weekends. Which means you wont loose any supply if you use your balance.
    I couldn’t praise Utilita enough!!!

    • Martin Ramsey
      Martin Ramsey (#)
      December 6th, 2016

      Hello Sarah. Many thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you are happy with your energy supplier. Sorry, but we don’t add recommended suppliers by request. Utilita do rank very high on our supplier performance score. You will also see that British Gas rank high too, but we do not recommend them either. This is because they don’t rank among the cheapest on comparison sites.
      We will be adding a prepayment section in the near future. If Utilita are showing among the cheapest, they will be added to the recommended suppliers!

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