Electricity price increase March 2017

Impending electricity price increase

belt on meterElectricity wholesale prices are on the increase. We anticipate these increases will reach the consumer in March 2017. Although the energy suppliers have not yet implemented these increases, it is estimated they will be between 7% and 10% on your electricity prices.

This is particularly bad news for those who heat their homes with electricity. If this is you, then make sure you get yourself onto a fixed price electricity tariff before the increase.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There is no sign of any gas price increases. If you are a gas consumer, you can beat these increases by switching to a cheaper online fixed price energy deal.



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Updated: 17/11/2017
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Although you may be tempted to switch to the cheapest, please be careful.

I would most likely skip through the cheapest in most cases and, switch to one of the following suppliers cheapest online tariffs.



  • EDF Energy
  • First:Utility
  • SSE
  • nPower
  • E.ON
  • iSupply Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Sainsburys Energy
  • Scottish Power


Ofgem Accredited Comparison Sites

If you are going to switch to a cheaper online energy deal, then use one of the Ofgem Accredited sites. They are governed by a strict set of rules which put the consumers needs first!


This is a full list of the Accredited sites

Comparison SiteOur RatingsStatusGo There
uSwitchget quotes
Energy Helplineget quotes
Energylinxget quotes
The Energy Shopget quotes
My Utility Geniusget quotes
Simply Switchget quotes
Runpathget quotes
Unravel Itget quotes
Switch Gas & Electricget quotes
Moneysupermarketget quotes
Quotezoneget quotes

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