EDF blue plus heating protect

EDF Energy free heating protection

EDF are giving free heating protection for 1 year with their Blue + heating protect tariff. This is worth £134.28. In addition, their tariff at the time of this post: Blue + heating protect Jan20, is fixed until January 2020.

Who can get it?

This tariff is available to home owners who sign up to dual energy payable by monthly direct debit.

What do we think of this tariff?

It’s certainly one worth considering when you are getting quotes to switch your energy supplier. This energy tariff in itself is not among the cheapest deals, but when you consider the fact it is fixed until 2020 and, you get a year boiler cover for free. So yes, we would go with it for that extra security of knowing the price won’t increase until 2020 and, the boiler cover worth over £130.

Where to get it

You can get it through most comparison sites, but if you prefer not to share your details with a third party, you can go direct to EDF Energy


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