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Transparency information

EAS UK receives funding from the following suppliers. This is made either directly or indirectly as indicated on the chart.

We have a direct relationship with some of the suppliers. Other payments are received from some of the comparison sites which we refer you to.

We have not listed any of the newer suppliers who don’t make payment to either ourselves nor the comparison sites. So you can assume, any supplier we have not listed, we receive no remuneration from them.

Suppliers we have indicated “No” on our recommended list

Although it is possible for us to receive payment when you switch to any of the suppliers in this chart, we have indicated that we don’t recommend some of them. This is for various reasons.

For Example:

  • We don’t think British Gas is a bad supplier. It’s just that they are not known for offering low internet prices.
  • The same applies to Good Energy. Their prices are high but they provide renewable energy.
  • Some of the suppliers are very new and, don’t have much of a track record.
  • Some of the suppliers have received many poor reviews.
SuppliersLong Established
(Yes or No)
Associated with EAS UK directly or indirectlyRecommended by EAS UK Yes or NoGet quotes for this supplier
The Big 6
E.ONYesIndirectlyYesGet quotes
EDFYesDirectlyYesGet quotes
SSEYesIndirectlyYesGet quotes
British/Scottish GasYesIndirectlyNoGet quotes
NpowerYesIndirectlyYesGet quotes
Scottish PowerYesIndirectlyYesGet quotes
Lesser known suppliers
First:UtilityYesDirectlyYesGet quotes
OVO EnergyYesDirectlyYesGet quotes
Good EnergyYesDirectlyNoGet quotes
One PowerNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Zebra PowerNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Economy EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
iSupplyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Green StarNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Flow EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Places for People EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Extra EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Co-op EnergyYesDirectlyYesGet quotes
GB EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Sainsburys EnergyYesIndirectlyYesGet quotes
Spark EnergyNoIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Green EnergyYesIndirectlyNoGet quotes
M & S EnergyYesIndirectlyNoGet quotes
Utility WarehouseYesIndirectlyNoGet quotes

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