How many people switch energy supplier in the UK?

2017 has seen more consumers switching energy supplier

Switch supplier

Around one quarter of UK households have switched their energy supplier this year. This is a sure indication that the savings to be had when switching to a cheaper online tariff, are being understood by many householders.

What about those who don’t switch supplier?

This still leaves around 75% of UK householders still paying expensive energy tariffs. There are no doubt a few reasons why these consumers have stuck with their suppliers expensive Standard energy prices.

So what are the reasons for these consumers to pay the highest prices for their energy?

Reasons not to switch supplier

  • Can’t be bothered
  • Don’t understand it
  • Don’t believe there are real savings to be had
  • Too much hassle
  • Don’t like change

What is your reason?

Please be kind enough to let us know your own personal reason for not switching supplier. This will help us with our research into making energy switching a positive thing to do.

Rewards for your help

If you decide to help with our research, you can select a bonus ball for the Lotto draw on 23rd December. Please use your genuine email address. You will receive a copy of the information you submit. If your number comes up in the Lotto draw, we will pay £20 into your Paypal account associated with your email address. If you don’t have a Paypal account, please let us know so we can make arrangements to pay into your bank account.



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