lumo App Only Fixed v5 review

lumo App Only Fixed v5

lumo App Only Fixed v5

Switching Process

9.0 /10

Customer Service

9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10

Proven track record

5.0 /10


  • Among the cheapest
  • Fixed for 12 months
  • Connected to long established supplier


  • Cancellation fee to leave
  • You must not have a smart meter before getting this tariff

lumo App Only Fixed v5 tariff reviewed by our resident energy expert. We are feeling quite positive about this tariff because, Lumo is an offshoot of a long established supplier, OVO Energy. OVO were one of the first new suppliers to enter the energy market in 2009.

The scores on our review chart have been made based on OVO Energys performance. Hopefully, Lumo will be able to keep up the high standards. We have not marked them high on proven track record because they are a new supplier.

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