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Bulb Energy was a new entrant to the domestic energy market in 2016. Our energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new supplier. If you are an existing customer of Bulb, please let others know what you think by leaving your own review below.

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by Vanessa Soria on Bulb Energy Reviews
NOT too good to be true

I wanted to post my review here to prove that I am not just posting a review to include my referral link... Yes, I have had a problem with them when joining (they were missing my gas meter serial number and therefore I accidentally ended up paying the gas via British Gas... never again!) Obviously I wasn't happy that this happened as it could have been avoided if they had told me (they sent me an email about it when joining but I totally missed it as it went to my junk email...) or reminded me when I spoke to them on the phone concerned about me getting British Gas letters... Even with this little hiccup, I would still recommend Bulb. Just make sure you check your account (mybulb is extremely easy to use and super user friendly) to make sure you are 100% set up and you won't have any issues. You can speak to someone on the phone (they pick up fairly quickly!) or via live chat or forums, which is great. Green energy is also a plus. And of course, the referral link when joining is great, but even if British Gas had that I wouldn't join them... Bulb has better ethics and prices, much lowers than other energy companies and a better way of dealing with the bill payments (you get a set amount per month but if you use less they give you the difference back... which is amazing!) Sorry for the long review but I just wanted to leave an unbiased opinion. No referral links, just the truth! 100 % recommend, no doubt about it.

Bolb and other choices

I joined Bulb about Sept.2017 after getting as many quotes from energy companies as I could, for they came out the lowest at that time. .There was no problem with the changeover all went smoothly. I give them my readings each month, and they deduct the correct agreed amount from my bank each month. I have always found them good communicators..Will once again look at quotes at my year end to be sure I am getting the best deal...Would recommend speaking with them . .

by Nadine on Bulb Energy Reviews

The helpline people are great, switching to Bulb was so easy - we'd been with British Gas over 40 years but daughter persuaded us to switch to Bulb. I'd recommend anyone to switch to them. The helpline phone is answered speedily, no waiting or ages as we did with British Gas. The tariff is variable but it would have to go up a heck of a lot to equal what we were paying previously.

by Antony on Bulb Energy Reviews
Top energy supplier

been with bulb since mid 2016, absolutely no problems,switch was easy and painless, despite my previous supplier trying to mess it up.Everything else since then has been up and up, except the prices which whilst tracking the wholesale prices have tended to go down and down - yes big six, prices can go down as well as up.I'm a big electricity only user and insist on 100% renewable, to be honest when I joined bulb they were the cheapest available and still are (checked today). They have given me no reason to leave and plenty to stay.Website is really clear and easy to use, bills are clear and easy to read. Payments relative to my energy use - I pay for what I use, not for a big buffer on my account.I don't normally leave reviews, but I think that Bulb deserve it.They get everything right.

by Ilyas Kajee on Bulb Energy Reviews
Avoid - Shocking customer service

I imagine the people leaving the positive reviews here must have some sort of stake in bulb.Let's start with only taking one of my energy supplies rather than the agreed 2 when joining.Then there's me finding out through payments that only my electricity had gone through.Then the poor customer service where I had to do all the chasing.the website that would let me log on, and required me to call them to get into my accountThe prices that are higher than what I was paying for last year.And for the all the inconvenience, the compensation offer of £1.42. Just in case you didn't get that, it is one pound and forty two pence.Dont waste your energy on these clowns. Go with a reputable provider

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DirectorsMr. Amit Vipool Shah Gudka

Mr. Hayden Wood
Registered Address68-80 Hanbury Street
E1 5JL
Trading since2016

  • Green Energy

  • No get out charge

  • If you have to pay to leave another supplier to join Bulb, they will reimburse you.


  • New supplier learning curve

  • Their cheapest tariff is not a fixed price energy deal

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ComplaintsNot enough information on this new supplier yet.
What do we suggest?Until Bulb Energy get a firm footing in the energy market, it may be best to sign up to a fixed price tariff with one of the suppliers with more of a track record.
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