Energy switch Amazon gift


When you switch your energy supplier through this page, we will send you an Amazon gift certificate for £5 for each fuel switch. That’s £10 for dual fuel

We just need your name and email address. We won’t use your details for any reason other than sending your gift certificate.

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More information:

Gift certificates are awarded after a successful energy switch. They will only be given to genuine energy switchers. For this reason, they will only be awarded once we can see your energy switch has not been cancelled or declined. Most certificates are awarded after 2 weeks of your energy switch, but please allow up to 6 weeks.

This promotion is  operated solely by EAS UK. The energy suppliers, Amazon and, the comparison sites will not be able to offer any advice or assistance regarding this promotion.

We can only track your energy switch if you follow this process. If you follow this process then leave the comparison site to switch by another means, we will not be able to track your switch. In this case, we will not be able to award a gift certificate.