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One Select Energy were a new entrant to the domestic energy market in 2016. Our energy expert looks into the pros and cons of joining this new supplier. If you are an existing customer of One Select, please let others know what you think by leaving your own review below.

Who are One Select Energy?

One Select Energy were set up in 2016 . Until the time of this review, their prices were quite moderate. They are now appearing among the cheapest suppliers on comparison sites. This will no doubt bring them a much bigger influx of new customers. All well and good if this is part of their plan and, they are ready for it!


Sampar, Sathees Kuman


Registered address

Arena Business Centre,
Abbey House, 282 Farnborough Road,
Farnborough, England, GU14 7NA


  • Good price
  • No get out charge


  • New supplier learning curve

Would I sign up to them?

I make a point of not signing up to new suppliers. I’m generally concerned about them handling a sudden influx of new customers when they are showing up among the cheapest on comparison sites. Although this supplier is fairly new, they are not getting a high rate of negative reviews at the moment.

At this stage, I would be looking into the suppliers with more of a track record


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What do we recommend?

If you are not sure about signing up to a new supplier, I would sign up to a fixed price tariff with one of the suppliers with more of a track record.

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You may be surprised to learn that, the comparison sites that you are more familiar with, are not actually accredited by OFGEM. This is the Government Office for Gas and Electricity Markets. Many of the comparison sites don’t meet the criteria as set out for the OFGEM accreditation!


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 11 reviews
Waste of time using

Have now waited 7 weeks to switch to them, their portal is always not available to get in touch, have sent an email but no reply after a week. The only communication after signing up was to set up a pass word since then nothing. They did manage to take a first direct debit payment two weeks ago! So all in all I shall take up the option of moving to another supplier asap if they haven't gone to the wall first. Avoid!


Had a problem getting my refund from SSE. They said they hadn’t received a meter reading. One Select sorted it all out and SSE admitted that they had received the readings after all.

Poor Customer Service

Phoned One Select 22nd Aug. to explain that I was considering switching when my current contract finished 30th Sept. but would be away from 3rd to 25th Sept. therefore unable to provide meter readings. Asked for their advice, was only told repeatedly that switching could take 28 days. It appeared that my questions were not on their "script". As a new company they need to raise their game before I will consider switching to them.

by Paul Bromley on One Select Energy Reviews
Very poor service

On the 13th June I was advised by One Select that they were now supplying my energy. During the following period I found that Avro were still supplying my gas and the electricity had gone over, both drawing on my direct debit. A number of phone calls to One Select, although very pleasant, has drawn no resolution other than excuses that the switch database must have anomalies. As I regularly switch with no problems I am convinced that the issue lays with One Select who do not seem particularly expedient in resolving the issue.Please Director, Sampar, Sathees Kuman, arrange for this messup to be sort as soon as possible as I am getting very annoyed!

by Linda Miles on One Select Energy Reviews
One Select - Very Poor Customer Service

I switched dual fuel from Scottish Power to One Select with much regret in May 2017 and confirmed my actual readings to them which were not forwarded to Scottish Power, and I am still trying to obtain confirmation that my account has been set up and awaiting the portal. I have contacted them a number of times both by telephone (Kept waiting for long periods without response). I received a verbal apology but still no action!! My latest email to them sent on 27 July 2-017 is still awaiting a response 16 August 2017. They are taking money via direct debit from my account but I have not receive any confirmation from them and no portal so getting extremely frustrated and concerned that I am paying both Scottish Power and One Select. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE FROM ONE SELECTION RESPOND TO MY EMAIL TODAY.

All great so far

I have just changed to One Select so early days. Very easy online form to change supplier. Had to phone them twice and got straight through to very helpful agent on both occasions. In response to Malcolm's review about 03 numbers being chargeable this depends on your call package. 03 numbers are the same as 01 and 02 so in the same bracket regarding charges.

by David Rostron on One Select Energy Reviews
Great value

One Select seem honest without exit fee and easy to switch. No bad experience so far.

by Nigel Turner on One Select Energy Reviews
very poor NO WEBSITE

So I was recommended this by money supermarket and been with them 2 months now. im constantly asking when there self service portal will be live and keep being told it will be live soon. Its very poor new company but cant even get there website portal set up so you can give meter readings. im thinking of switching

one select

be very afraid i joined one select in may and after trying to call them 3 times on a 0333 number and never getting to speak to anyone just listen to some awful music gave up after 15 minutes and then found out i was charged £1.50 per call realised it is all a con have now awitched back to EON and all i can say is beware as you may think you are gettind a good deal but after facforing in the cost of the phone calls realise it is just a scam (Last few words have been deleted by admin as they were deemed improper)

Oneselect joining process

I have just joined with OneSelect as my dual fuel supplier so so far so good as they have UK based call centre and the call handlers look pretty polite and respectable. As you all know energy prices are very high at the moment so I found this small company is one of the cheapest in the market right now and so as they do not have an exit fee one can leave at any time of their choice if something unexpected come out!!! And after all they are registered with Ofgem.

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