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You would have seen our cookie notification when you first visited this website. This has been put in place because, from the 26th May 2012 all websites have to make their visitors aware of the cookies, and give you the option of accepting them or not.

Cookies have been around for many years, and the majority of websites use them to enhance your experience.

Some of our cookies are placed here by Google, these are very useful to us, because it means we can analyse the progress of our website, and make improvements on any part of the site which requires it.

Some of our cookies track your progress through the site, this can be useful to you, because if you apply for any special offers, or vouchers, we know who to allocate these offers to.

The cookies don’t collect your personal information, but they remember you, we will only know who you are if you make an application for any of the products on our website.


If you decline to accept cookies from this website, and any website you visit after clicking a link from this website, we will not be able to track your energy switch, or any purchase you may make. If we cannot track your transaction, we will not be able to make any awards to you, such as free gifts, or amazon gift certificates when available.


If you decide to register for anything from Energy Advisory Service UK, we will require you to submit your Name and Email address.

We take your privacy very seriously, and under no circumstance will we share your information with any company or marketing services whatsoever.

If you share your information with us, we will only use it for the specific reason you requested in the first place. We will not send you any notification about any offers outside of your initial interest.


Martin Ramsey

Energy Advisory Service UK