IGT: If you live in a new build home, the chances are that you are paying an additional charge on your gas bill to an IGT company.

This is down to the builders saving money on the installation of the gas pipes running to your property.
An IGT will charge less than the regional network operator such as Transco or SGN. Instead they will make their money by charging the householder a rental fee, which is included in your bill.

When you get an online quote for your gas charges, the IGT is not taken into consideration.
You should bear this in mind, as in most cases it would add around an extra £40 per year on your gas bill.

If you have an IGT, the charge should be displayed on your bill.

If you have not yet received a bill, you should have the MPRN Meter Point Reference Number

This number may be attached to a label on your gas meter.

Or the name of the gas transporter will be displayed on the gas meter

If your MPRN is between the numbers 74400001 to 75510000 then you have an IGT

If you have recently moved in and not changed energy supplier, you are most likely paying standard energy prices.

It would be a good idea to get a quote for an online tariff