Energy price cap proposal

The Tories are proposing an energy price cap

But what does this actually mean?light bulb in baseball cap.

It’s all a bit unclear to be honest. As usual, there is not enough information for consumers to make any decision. I don’t particularly like the way political parties put out a snippet of information such as this. The way I see it, this is the Tories way of getting more votes in the upcoming election.

Remember Brexit?

The UK voted to leave Europe. This was achieved with suggested benefits for our country. Would we still vote to leave now if we had the chance to vote again?

Back to the energy thing

Okay, so there is no clear plan on how the capping system will work. But this suggested money saving idea is aimed at the larger population. You Know: The ones who won’t go online to switch to a cheaper energy deal. That’s currently 2 in every 3 households throughout the country. It is claimed that the poorer households are the ones which don’t shop around for a cheaper energy deal. “I find that odd”. It appears they are suggesting that most of the UK energy consumers can’t understand simple arithmetic!

OMG – Arithmetic

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to switch to a cheaper energy deal. Although, I’m sure you understand that £850 a year is cheaper than £1,250 a year.

When you visit a comparison site, they have a page where you enter your energy information such as – Your supplier. Your current tariff. Your usage in £ or KWH. This information is on your energy statement.

Go ahead. Do it yourself

Enter your postcode in the box on this page. This will direct you to an easy to use comparison site.

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